The Power Of Raw Foods

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The Power Of Raw Foods

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When I first heard of raw foods a few years ago the first thing that came to mind was people eating raw meat and raw eggs…YUK!

I now have the full understanding of what raw food really is and how it can benefit all people.

Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and some dairy are most beneficial at it’s most natural state before it’s heated.

When most vegetables are heated they loose their natural enzymes that call help protect the human body against disease. Most people

don’t know they can actually cause more harm then good when eating cooked foods 100% of the time it can cause a condition called leukocytosis.

David Wolfe explains this in the documentary Food Matters.



Most of the population eating mostly cooked foods people are eating non-nutrient highly processed foods and I believe this has

caused the health care issues we have today.

Raw organics foods contain all the vitamins and minerals the our bodies need to function properly everyday.

When fruits and vegetables are eaten raw they retain the flavors and freshness.

If cooked foods can cause harm to the body then raw uncooked organic foods can do the opposite and actually heal the body.

How can the body be healed from raw organic foods?

Weight loss
Reduction of inflammation in the body
Repair damaged cells
Healthy immune system

This list goes on and on, the problem is most people like my self just think eating foods raw is the equivalent to eating rabbit food.

However that is far from the truth raw organics foods has as much variety as with processed cooked foods.

I want to challenge everyone to go raw for at least one meal out of the day, when you do this you will really see a difference. They key to change is making

small steps, the small changes later add to to big changes.

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