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Raw food chef, vegan nutrition specialist Chef TR (Tasha Robinson) is guided by a love of all things organic and environmentally friendly.  She is a happy wife and proud mom of five, her family’s  health is imperative. She believes that when individuals return to nature and observe the way of our ancestors—they will be healed.

Her ultimate goal is to help others also find and maintain health & wellness by relying on plant-based foods, essential oils, herbs and holistic education. Over the course of her life, she no longer uses any chemicals in her hair, which has returned it to a much healthier natural state. Chef TR didn’t stop there: She ultimately took on a complete overhaul of eliminating chemicals from all of her personal care products and then, household cleaning products.

Chef TR worked for corporate America for decades—but in 2011 she found the courage to leave it all behind. After being blessed with twins in 2010, she unfortunately ballooned 250 pounds. Alongside the weight gain, she experienced aching knees, shortness of breath and overall weariness.

And then following a breast cancer scare, she knew it was time for some significant changes in her life. Chef TR made the conscious decisions to change her lifestyle to plant-based foods—then becoming a Certified raw food chef and vegan nutrition specialist.

She would love nothing more than to share her savvy, strategies and successful tools so that you too may change your life, and live healthy, stronger and happier!