Just Say No To Diets!

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Just Say No To Diets!

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For two years I was on some type of diet cutting back calories or using portion control with the same type of foods I was already eating.I would give myself a month or two on whatever diet I chose to do at the time but little did I know I kept setting myself up to fail. Every time I started a new diet I was determined to lose the weight and I would lose two to three pounds maybe five at the most and when the diet was over I gained it all back plus some. What I did not understand is my relationship with food never changed when I was on a diet. Instead of eating a regular size cheeseburger I would eat a smaller version BUT it would taste so good I would get another one.

I Broke Up With Bad Food

Fast-forward I’m now 60 pounds lighter not because of any particular diet  but because of a lifestyle change and changing my relationship with food. People always ask me how can you just stop eating certain foods?  Or do you ever have a craving for what you use to eat? My answer is I no longer have the same relationship  food and I no longer crave the foods I once loved, I retrained my taste buds.

I tell people bad food to me is like a no good boyfriend, you may have fun with them they may make you feel good at times but if they beat and cheat on you and you keep going back, you must get away!

How you get away is understanding food and the purpose of food. I literally watched numerous documentaries about food. Sounds boring right? Not at all! Food today is not the same food it was decades ago, we now live in the microwave got to have it now fast food era. The food of today is highly processed filled with hormones and genetically modified, with little to no nutritional value.

Our bodies are made to crave nutrients but when we don’t get the nutrients our bodies desire we end up dying inside from chronic diseases. So as far as my relationship with food is concerned no more bad boyfriends 🙂 I now eat 50%  raw foods (not cooked vegetable fruits whole grains) supper foods, no meats and very limited dairy plus ALL my food now is organic and I feel 1000% better

When I understood how to use food I started exercising more, when I was obese it was very hard for me to exercise and when I did I wasn’t eating the proper foods to give me the right fuel to get an effective work out. People are shocked when I tell them that I lost most of the weight with eating the rights food. Most people think exercise will burn the calories which is true however when you eat the proper foods it can help get rid of the toxins in your body and as a result weight loss.

Once you start giving the body the right type of fuel you can introduce an exercise plan, not every plan is right for everybody. First consult your physician then I would consult a professional trainer at a local gym or fitness studio, they would be able to give you advise on what time of plan would work for you at that time. I’m still on my journey but I seek inspiration to get were I want to be, when I see other stories of people who have changed their lives it keeps me motivated to go further. Some people may think I have it all down pat but it can get hard at times when my time is limited and I don’t have a lot of
time to prepare my foods or to exercise BUT I know I have to make time for what is best.

This was my inspiration for today.

This is my cousin Aja, I haven’t seen her since I moved from Brooklyn,NY about nineteen years ago. When I left she was only a little girl but as women we went through the same weight struggle and she is fighting the fat like a champ! You go girl!!!!

Check out her story here!

Make A Healthier Change!

I tried to go vegan but it just wasn’t for me at this point in time however I was so caught up in labeling my lifestyle change and I realized that labels can be hard for me to live up to so I’m going to do what’s best and healthiest for me. I advise you to do the same, do research, investigate, read. When a military goes out to war they have studied their enemy and they know what it will take to defeat it. When you make a choice to live healthier it’s imperative you know your unhealthy lifestyle enemies!

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